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Why Join CENTURY 21 Professional Group?

Here at CENTURY 21 Professional Group,  we view our top priority to be Customer Satisfaction. If you take care of the customer, the repeat and referral business will follow! As the Agent Support Team Leader, my goal is to help my agents offer the best customer service in the business.

We look at Customer Service as the pinnacle held up by four main pillars. These pillars are: Training, Support, Environment, and Professionalism.

Our Training at CENTURY 21 Professional Group, is unsurpassed in the industry. We offer not only the best New Agent and Experienced Agent training through our robust corporate agent website, and also through an intensive ten course in-house training. These ten courses take agents step-by-step through the contracts, addenda, disclosures, tasks, procedures, systems, and tools they will use on a daily basis. We have classes where agents learn by doing, with topics such as CMA and Short Sales. We also offer hands on classes where agents are assisted in developing their own Contact Management System, Website, Social Networking sites, and other Prospecting systems. Our goal is to make sure our agents are prepared with the knowledge, tools and skills to be successful!

The level of Support our agents receive at CENTURY 21 Professional Group, is quite unusual in today's brokerages. Our Agent Support Team consists of me, as Sales Manager, our on-site broker, David Dorman, and an Office manager, Receptionist, and Relocation Director as well as two more Broker/Owners. We are always available to help New Agents and Experienced Agents who need someone to help guide them through difficult transactions. Sometimes, just another set of eyes to review the paperwork or just another mind to offer different solution options is an amazing resource. With over 60 years combined experience, our brokers can offer the mentoring  that all agents need. As the Sales Manager, it is my responsibility to be “the coach” to help encourage my agents and help monitor their business to see that they are meeting their goals. Our Office/Data manager, Penny, enters all of our agent’s listings and updates the files. Selling Real Estate is not an easy business and knowing that there is a team of people dedicated to helping you succeed, resolve problems, prospect, and just really listen is unbelievably important! Our Agent Support team is dedicated to making your goals a reality!

The environment in which you surround yourself and your customers is critical to customer satisfaction. In the physical sense, it is important to have a welcoming and elegant office that is centrally located to meet your customers. It is also a wonderful benefit to have a place to do your business with all of the resources of an office such as computers, printers, copiers, fax/scan machines and basic supplies. CENTURY 21 Professional Group offers a professional and comfortable office to our agents for their use day and night. But physical environment is only one of the considerations: what about the emotional environment  of the workplace?  Through administrative support  and the camaraderie of the CENTURY 21 Professional Group agents,  we offer a very positive and team-oriented place to call home. We have a “let’s get through it together” mentality that is essential to the success of all agents.


The last pillar I talk about is Professionalism. We are CENTURY 21 Professional Group,  and we take our name seriously! Our ethical and legal responsibilities are at the forefront of all our decisions and guide us in taking the best possible care of our customers. We strive to protect  all of our agent’s licenses as well as the broker’s license. To this end, all files are monitored for completeness and compliance with the law as well as the Board of REALTORS. When you come to any of the support team for assistance, you will never have to worry that you will be asked to do something unethical or worse, illegal. We all want to do what is best for our customers and agents within our legal and ethical boundaries. Unfortunately not all brokerages will emphasize this aspect of their business but for us this is our company culture.

We are constantly looking for quality agents that are brand new to the business as well as those who have been in the business for a long time. We offer tremendously competitive commission packages up to 90% split AND you still get everything I explained above! Feel free to call our office at 407-573-2121.


Have you ever thought about a career in real estate but not sure where to start?  We can help guide you!  Click below and learn more!

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