Selling you home tricks and tasks

Many people have never sold a home. Personally, I have never sold a home of my own. I have sold many other folks homes, but not mine. There is a lot of emotion that goes into it, and I tell people all the time that I am never moving since I have too much “stuff”, truly hate moving and all that goes into it. Luckily, my job doesn't require me to move and I am quite happy where I reside. That’s not the case with everyone and the time may come where you need to sell your home and relocate. If you have not realized yet, everyone has an opinion about real estate. Total strangers will gladly weigh in on the best way to sell your home, even though they have never done it themselves. As a professional, I wanted to share a few tips that you might find helpful when getting your house ready to sell and also point out a few myths you may have heard.

First impressions matter. For some buyers, the look of a home from the outside, can be a deal breaker. Luckily, most homes can be spruced up outside with just a little “sweat equity” and perhaps a few bags of mulch or some annuals. Don't go crazy. Once inside, you have decisions to make. Despite what many agents will say, it is not required that you take down all personal photos and similar. To be fair, less is more, but having some personal photos can actually help others connect to your home. Take an unbiased look at your home and see which items stand out in a negative way and ask yourself which ones do you think are worth addressing. One misconception is that you make all your money back if you make improvements. This is far from true and can really hurt your bottom line. Before you tear out that old kitchen and build a new one just to sell your home, you might want to think again. Kitchens are important but also expensive. From an appraisal point of view, it’s not likely you will recoup your investment. Investing in paint and flooring is not a bad ide